Hi, I'm Jeff.

Santa Is Real

I’ll have you know that Santa is real.

When my son was questioning the existence of Santa, and was the last of his friends to “know the truth”, I took him aside and told him that he had to swear on all the was holy that he would never tell a soul what I was about to tell him. And he swore. So I told him that yes, Santa did live once and when he died the people he loved made a solemn oath to continue his work in secret. The people who do the work of Santa are a very secret society who never reveal their identity, not even upon pangs of death. And… someday he might be ready to become Santa when he is older.

About a month later he came to tell me that he was “ready”. So we went into the back woods and pledged in secret to uphold the secret life of Santa Claus, to be loving and charitable to those in need all year long, but especially at Christmas - and to never, ever reveal your identity to anyone.

We go on secret missions all year, giving to others, leaving groceries, buying small gifts, etc. and at Christmas we go full out, all in the name of Santa Claus. Santa is, in fact, alive and well.

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